Do You Have Insomnia?

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As an acupuncturist, the top two ailments that I treat daily are pain and insomnia. If you cannot get to sleep, you cannot heal. Insomnia is an epidemic in the world right now. There are many natural remedies that will cure your insomnia. My book is now available on Amazon. It is brand new, so there are no reviews. Please write a review if you buy […] more

Is Cordyceps Better Than Ginseng?


I’m an herbalist. I prescribe and take herbs daily in my practice. There is one herb that always improves energy in my patients, that is cordyceps. Cordyceps is called cordyceps sinensis.  It was previously cultivated on caterpillar fungus, so it is also called that.  These days, they culture it on vegetable matter. Cordyceps is my favorite energy tonic.  It strengthens the energy of your kidneys and […] more

Panax Ginseng Benefits

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Panax Ginseng is the best known energy tonic in the world.  It has been used as an energy tonic for thousands of years in China.  It is usually used in herbal remedies in a percentage of about 10-15%, depending on what ailment you are trying to treat. It is often used to increase energy, improve digestion and help people recover from stress and illness. Ginseng works […] more

Siberian Ginseng Benefits


Siberian ginseng is not actually a true ginseng.  It is used for a smaller boost in energy than Panax ginseng, but it’s benefit is that it is an adaptogen.  It works to strengthen your overall health to improve resistance to disease. Siberian ginseng is the most common type of ginseng you will find in brands that do not mention the type of ginseng on the label.  […] more

Korean Ginseng Benefits — and Side Effects

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Korean Ginseng is simply Panax Ginseng that has been treated to be red.  It is either steamed or treated with chemicals to alter the way it works.  An herb has completely different energy after it has been processed. After the ginseng has been treated, it becomes a lot hotter.  That means it becomes more yang in energy.  This can be OK in the short run, but […] more

American Ginseng Benefits — Good For Those Over 40


American ginseng is grown in Wisconsin.  We export most of our American Ginseng to China.  That’s because the Chinese people know how valuable it is and the average American does not. American ginseng is valued as a supreme qi and yin tonic.  That means it builds energy at the same time it nourishes yin.  There are yin and yang.  Think of yang as the hot and […] more

How To Use Ginseng


  Ginseng is best if taken in an herbal formula.  In Chinese medicine, ginseng is combined with other herbs the effect is maximized while at the same time reducing possible side effects. Herbs such as poria, licorice root, atractylodes and dang gui complement ginseng.  Ginseng is actually stronger if you combine it with other herbs. I recommend herbal formulas such as Ginseng Elixir and Ginseng Energizer.  […] more