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American Ginseng Benefits — Good For Those Over 40

American ginseng is grown in Wisconsin.  We export most of our American Ginseng to China.  That’s because the Chinese people know how valuable it is and the average American does not.

American ginseng is valued as a supreme qi and yin tonic.  That means it builds energy at the same time it nourishes yin.  There are yin and yang.  Think of yang as the hot and energy and yin as the cool, moist substance.

As you get older, you lose yin.  If you take yin tonics such as American Ginseng, you will address a lot of the health issues you get as you get older.  You can prevent a lot of the bad side effects of losing your yin as you age if you take herbal tonics as they do in China.

American ginseng is actually a very good libido tonic for men and women.  It is also good for women to reduce yin deficiency symptoms such as hot flashes and facial hair.

Yin deficiency symptoms include insomnia, irritability, hot flashes and night sweats.  For longevity, Chinese people often take yin herbs such as American ginseng to improve their health as they age.  There is a category of herbs called “longevity tonics”.  He shou wu, goji berries and American ginseng would be considered in that category.