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Panax Ginseng Benefits

Panax Ginseng is the best known energy tonic in the world.  It has been used as an energy tonic for thousands of years in China.  It is usually used in herbal remedies in a percentage of about 10-15%, depending on what ailment you are trying to treat.

It is often used to increase energy, improve digestion and help people recover from stress and illness.

Ginseng works by strengthening the body.  The Chinese theory is that if you are weak and your digestion is low, you will not be able to produce energy and be healthy.  That is why most Chinese herbal remedies have herbs in them that improve energy and digestion.  Without this as a foundation, you cannot recover your health.

Panax ginseng is combined in the formula called Triple ginseng.  Triple ginseng usually has Panax, Siberian and American ginseng.  It is a great combination.

The panax ginseng is warm and very strong to boost energy, the Siberian is a more gentle adaptogenic tonic.  American ginseng is cool and moistening in Chinese Medicine. 

To combine all three ginsengs in one formula is the optimal way to take Ginseng.  You can address a variety of problems.

Salvia root is an herb used in Chinese medicine to increase blood circulation.  It is especially used to improve blood flow in the chest.  The addition of salvia will help reduce any type of “stagnation” that could be caused by taking strong tonic herbs.

This is a Chinese Medicine theory that is also applied to stagnation in the chest.  When your energy gets low, it can get stagnant, or “stuck”.  Chinese medicine theory is all about improving energy and making the circulation better, so the body can heal itself.