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Siberian Ginseng Benefits

Siberian ginseng is not actually a true ginseng.  It is used for a smaller boost in energy than Panax ginseng, but it’s benefit is that it is an adaptogen.  It works to strengthen your overall health to improve resistance to disease.

Siberian ginseng is the most common type of ginseng you will find in brands that do not mention the type of ginseng on the label.  That’s because it is the least expensive ginseng and most people do not know it is not as strong to boost energy as Panax.

The good thing about it is that it is believed to be very good to boost adrenal health.  If you are under prolonged stress, your adrenal glands shoot out a lot of adrenaline.  Over time, they can become fatigued.  If your stress goes on too long, you can get a problem called “adrenal fatigue“.  This is a problem that is a lot worse than simple fatigue.

You will not know if you have adrenal fatigue for sure unless you take ginseng for about a month.  Ginseng will help your body with fatigue, if you take ginseng for a month and do not feel a lot better, you might consider adding some things for your adrenals like: B vitamins, Vitamin C and licorice root.

Adrenal fatigue is not something you heal from overnight.  It is best to take your vitamins and herbs daily, even if just once a day if you are under stress.  That will help prevent adrenal fatigue.

To boost energy, I prefer to use the strongest ginseng, which is Panax ginseng.  It is important to take it in a combined formula such as Ginseng Revitalizer.